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Staffing vs. Sourcing Let us show you the difference

When sourcing employees we focus on three key areas:

We understand that every company has different goals regarding their recruiting and we align our process with those goals. This allows us to design a recruiting plan that will attract the type of employees who will be best suited for success.

Does it fit?

We ensure the job/open position is a good fit for both the customer and employee by surveying each individual candidate to get an honest snapshot of capabilities and intentions.

Honesty Matters!

When it comes to helping our candidates find full time, part time, or seasonal opportunities we take it very seriously. We understand how important your job can be and do everything we can to ensure we are connecting our candidates with positions that  that are a good fit. This includes not overpromising and maintaining healthy expectations.

Effort Is Important.

While we do not make it difficult, we do expect our candidates to put forth effort when seeking a position through Candidate Source. By not accepting walk ins and requiring each candidate to apply and then schedule interviews, we eliminate those not committed.