Creating Job Ads That Work

How To Create Job Ads That WORK!

Regardless of what industry you are in, online job boards are an important source of applicants. Since job boards are extremely competitive, ensuring your job ad stands out is critical to your success. While each job board caters to a certain type of candidate, their main goal is to get you as many applicants as possible. In today’s job market companies need a steady flow of candidates to ensure they can make enough calls to schedule enough interviews to fill their current openings. In order to ensure this pipeline is healthy companies need to have AWESOME job ads. Many people think all they need to do is post a job description and people will start applying. This mindset couldn’t be more incorrect. While these companies will definitely get responses they will not get enough to support a healthy pipeline. 

Over the years our team at Candidate Source has posted over 250 different positions in a variety of industries. This experience has taught us a lot about having a healthy pipeline and we want to share our insights with you. Our hope is that these insights will help your recruiting team create an even healthier pipeline of candidates for today, tomorrow, and next month.

Things To Remember When Creating Your Job Ads:

  • Think of your job ad as a billboard, your goal is to get them to click apply or pick up the phone and call you
  • 90% of candidates use a mobile device when searching for a job. Think of your job ad as a text message. We all hate when people text us long paragraphs.
  • Make sure it is mobile friendly. Search your job ad and see how it looks on your phone.
  • Only mission critical elements of the job. No need to share every requirement and detail. 
  • The goal of a job ad is to get candidates to respond. The worst thing you can do is have a qualified candidate skip over your ad. Once they apply, you have the CHOICE to contact them. If they don’t apply you are out of luck
  • The reality is that most candidates do not even read the job ad. Many candidates apply with one click based on the first 2 sentences.
  • Be HONEST and transparent….Share your pay rate/pay range
  • Consider running one position in a variety of ways. Try different job titles

No, No’s….Things to stay away from:

  • Too Many Words….PARAGRAPHS – be direct and only communicate critical information pertaining to the job
  • Listing All Requirements– if you add too many requirements candidates may talk themselves out of the job. 
  • The Obvious Stuff: Stay away from phrases you see in every job advertisement. Candidates don’t take them seriously and will still apply. All they do is take up valuable space
  • Depending on the position, you may need to stay away from industry specific terms. What are your candidates searching on the job board

Constructing Your Next Job Ad 

When constructing job ads we recommend breaking them down into 4 short sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Details
  3. Requirements
  4. Closing

Below we have provided a breakdown of these 4 steps as well as a few notes about each step.

  1. Introduction: 1-2 sentences sharing what is most important about the position 
    • Take this opportunity to sell your position. Why should they work for your company? What do your current employees love about the position? 
  2. Job Details: 3-5 bullets that describe the key duties of the job.
    • Keep it simple, but share a few key elements. What type of equipment will they be operating? What will their core duties be? 
    • Think about the key words candidates are looking for and what will stand out to them. 
    • Be transparent and share the position’s pay rate. This shows that you are honest and not hiding anything
  3. Job Requirements: 3-5 bullets that embody the core requirements. 
    • Be specific, but brief. Equipment experience? Is your warehouse in a freezer? 
    • Always share your available shifts. Being able to work a certain shift is a requirement. 
  4. Closing Statement: 1-2 sentences trying to grab their attention. 
    • Why should a candidate want to accept a job with your company? 
    • Is there anything that your current employees always say? Maybe they love the PTO or shift hours. 

Finding the right candidates is no easy task and we hope this serves as a resource as you and your team take on the candidate marketplace. If you have any further questions regarding job ads we are here to help.

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