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Are you looking for a new job or seeking a second job to supplement your income?  The Candidate Source can help you streamline your job search; saving you from reviewing countless job ads, filling our dozens of applications, only to find out that the job does not meet your needs.  Let us help you navigate the job market.

Candidate Source provides….


Candidate Source believes that all job seekers deserve representation while navigating the job market. We educate our candidates on the ins and outs of each position and help prepare you for the interviewing process.

2. Clarity

What could be more challenging than being new to an area and looking for a job or re-entering the workforce? You may not know where to look, what to do, or what the job marketplace in Richmond is like. The Candidate Source can provide candidates with the right tools and current information so that going into each interview you can be confident that you know that the job entails, that the position meets your financial, emotional and scheduling needs.

3. Efficient

We can accelerate a job search by having candidates complete one application, rather than dozens and save you from pursuing jobs that are do not meet need your needs due to vague job descriptions. When you register with the Candidate Source, we work in your best interests – one application, one personalized interview and multiple, exciting job opportunities.